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Deodorized litter or litter deodorizers for CATS

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You can either buy a deodorized product or add your own deodorizer to plain litter, however some deodorized litters contain chemicals and fragrances that repel cats, forcing them to use other places in the house. It’s often easier on the pet and on the pocketbook to buy plain clay litter and add your own odor counteractant. Most experienced cat owners favor plain old baking soda, 85% cat owners indicated that they had better results with baking soda than any other chemical treatments of any other kind. Mix one part baking soda to three parts litter, and always put a layer of soda on the very bottom of the box. Also don’t forget always keeping the box clean is the great odor-conquering secret.

Squirt Bottle Disciplinary Action

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Pet owners and trainers agree–this is one of the most effective disciplinary measures around. When you catch your pet in the act of misbehaving simply squirt him with plain water ( the quickness of your draw is very important in this type of pet correction)

Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning 12 Steps

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  1. Oral Examination and Medical Examination  by a Licensed Veterinary
  2. We use Bach Flowers Essence to calm your pet
  3. Oral Rinse
  4. Calculus and Plaque Removal
  5. Supragingival Scaling
  6. Subgingival Probing
  7. Periodontal Probing
  8. Charting
  9. Hi-Speed polishing
  10. Post Cleaning Exam
  11. Dental Report Card with Recommendations
  12. Home Health care information

Lead/leash training

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Lead Training can start as soon as the puppy has settled into his new environment. Here are some suggestions:

  • Put his collar and leash on while someone else mixes his food. Hold him on the far side of the room and when his food is placed on the floor, lead him to it and keep it on while he eats.
  • When one of the family member is due home, put his collar and leash on and hold him away from the entrance, when the family member arrives, lead the puppy over to greet them. Soon enough he will become accustomed to the strange feel of a leash.

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