Animal Motion Sickness

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Pet Motion Sickness

Most all your animals that have issues with motion sickness truly have a problem with this. I am sure you have tried multiple formulas to help prevent your pet’s sickness. Some dogs will suffer from anxiety and intense fear from traveling in any vehicle. We wanted to give you a good essential oil blend to help you prevent your pet’s sickness. This oil has been known to at least be able to get your pet to a tolerable stance to at least get them into the vehicle without the major fear and anxiety.

Motion Sickness Essential Oil

½ oz. (15ml) base oil (hazelnut, or sweet almond is a good start)

7 drops Ginger, essential oil

8 drops peppermint, essential oil

Be sure that you store the essential oil blend in a dark glass bottle. You can apply the drops directly into the mouth I wouldn’t do any more than 2-3 drops and according to size. Also you can soak a small piece of cloth or paper towel and put it into your vehicle vent to help the circulation throughout your vehicle.


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It may be taken as a given that vitamins and minerals at optimum levels promote growth, health, stamina, reproductive ability, disease resistance detoxification and longevity. If we accept the truth of that statement, we are left with an important question. “Do dogs and cats eating BARF require extra vitamins and minerals by way of supplementation?’ When seasons are good, our pets’ wild counterparts have access to wide variety of fresh whole raw foods, which are rich in vitamins and minerals. These foods include fresh raw meant and bones, raw organ meat and fresh, raw totally pulverized vegetables, all of which are vital components of the BARF diet. In other words, a properly formulate BARF diet will contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals, which will be delivered in a biologically appropriate form and should therefore not need to be supplemented. This brings us to the question:



For most pet animals being fed a broadly based, well-constructed BARF diet, vitamin and mineral supplementation will usually not be necessary. However, food grown on poor quality soils, harvested before ripe  and transported long distances, may have lower levels of vitamins and minerals than expected. In addition, some animals with specific needs, in particular life stages, or suffering particular health problems, may need supplementation of vitamins or possibly minerals, over and above basic BARF.

Getting in Touch with your Dog

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THE TAIL TOUCH (Reduces fear and aggression) With Tail Work and the Tail T Touches, you can help your dog overcome fear and timidity (including fright from loud noises, such as thunder). This work can also be helpful with dogs that are aggressive toward other dogs, or “fear biters.” The Tail T Touch eases pain and furthers recovery after injury or surgery (in addition, of course, to vet care), Particularly with dogs that have problems getting up. It helps dogs regain their mobility: small gentle circles, and very soft tail pulls can greatly improve the lives of dogs with hip dysplasia.  They ease stiffness, which helps dogs lie down and get up.


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Another factor that will influence the strength of conditioning is the correlation between the bait you’re using ans the resource removal (or approach and touch). If the exercises sometimes occur without the bait or the bait sometimes is given without the exercise, the correlation will be lower and the strength of your CER compromised.  For this reason, son’t be tempted to do exercises with low value threats for convenience on occasion and don’t use the high value bait you’re using in D&C exercises for other training endeavors or as general dog treats.  Reserve it for its sole purpose.


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HONEYSUCKLE – For the dog who has lost a long time companion or person. The do has become withdrawn, subdue and unenthusiastic toward people. Also for homesickness or being left at a boarding kennel temporarily.

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