A note about COCONUT OIL

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Coconut Oil is a great tool to keep in your dog’s dental care kit. Coconut oil boasts antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and prevent infection. It also moisturizes your dog’s gums and hardens tooth enamel over time.

Make a doggie toothpaste!! Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with a couple drops of high quality therapeutic grade essential oil, wrap a piece of gauze around your pointer finger and gently rub your dog’s teeth and gums with your homemade toothpaste, or just use a canine toothbrush

Pet Food / Ingredients to Avoid

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Educating yourself about healthy nutrition for your dog and cat is a very good idea. One of the best ways to begin is learning how to read pet food labels.

A good pet food is made from whole food ingredients, including named meats, fresh veggies and fruit, herbs and healthy oils. Most cheap commercial diets contain things your dog or cat shouldn’t  be eating, such as by-products, corn soy, unnamed meat or grain meals, rendered fat, and/or artificial preservatives and coloring. If you see any of these by-products and such listed cheap ingredients on your pet food bag please put the product back on the shelf. By becoming a savvy pet food label-reader and avoiding these low end ingredients, you are taking a big step towards protecting your pet’s health .

Working with “Normal” High-Energy Dogs

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  • Increase his exercise: Whatever he gets now, give him more. Throw sticks, balls, play tug of war
  • Increase his socialization time: Do not leave him outside all day bring him in. Use leashes if you have or even baby gates as needed while inviting him into the family.

Dental Hygiene

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Tooth Brushing:

Daily tooth brushing is the best preventive measure you can do as a pet owner. A daily tooth brushing is necessary because plaque bacteria can colonize on teeth 24 to 36 hours after scaling and polishing.

If you do not brush your pet’s teeth within two weeks tartar will be back on the teeth!

Plaque and calculus can not be removed from the tooth’s surface by chemical means alone, you must brush the teeth in order to remove calculus.

Make your own toothpaste:

Baking Soda

Coconut Oil – a few drops

Peppermint Extract – a few drops

Mix into a paste and use


DENTAL Month coming up in February, Do not forget to make an appointment for your dog’s teeth cleaning by professionals!!

Try Lavender for the Holiday Stress

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Used in small amounts Lavender is very calming for your dog.

You can mix it with a little carrier oil & put it on the bottom of dogs feet, or diffuse it in the room.

Lavender is very calming for both dogs & humans.

Young living are pure essential oils and safe to use for your pet.

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