Getting in Touch with your Dog

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THE TAIL TOUCH (Reduces fear and aggression) With Tail Work and the Tail T Touches, you can help your dog overcome fear and timidity (including fright from loud noises, such as thunder). This work can also be helpful with dogs that are aggressive toward other dogs, or “fear biters.” The Tail T Touch eases pain and furthers recovery after injury or surgery (in addition, of course, to vet care), Particularly with dogs that have problems getting up. It helps dogs regain their mobility: small gentle circles, and very soft tail pulls can greatly improve the lives of dogs with hip dysplasia.  They ease stiffness, which helps dogs lie down and get up.


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Another factor that will influence the strength of conditioning is the correlation between the bait you’re using ans the resource removal (or approach and touch). If the exercises sometimes occur without the bait or the bait sometimes is given without the exercise, the correlation will be lower and the strength of your CER compromised.  For this reason, son’t be tempted to do exercises with low value threats for convenience on occasion and don’t use the high value bait you’re using in D&C exercises for other training endeavors or as general dog treats.  Reserve it for its sole purpose.


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HONEYSUCKLE – For the dog who has lost a long time companion or person. The do has become withdrawn, subdue and unenthusiastic toward people. Also for homesickness or being left at a boarding kennel temporarily.


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ROSEWOOD…..essential oil is an extremely gentle, tonic oil which is excellent for shin conditions. It is most commonly used in perfumery, but has aromatherapy used as a cellular stimulant ans aids in tissue regeneration. Its scent is very similar to Geranium and Palmarosa. Rosewood is frequently adulterated with Palmarosa, or Palmarosa is sold as Rosewood. These oils are very similar in scent and action, so this is not a problem for therapeutic value. The issue is that many will charge more for the Rosewood but be selling you Pamarosa instead. The oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties, and ticks are repelled by the scent of it, in combination with rather oils such as Myrrh, Bay Leaf and Opoponax.

Recognizing Guarding

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Most guarders will be presented as behaving aggressively to family members rather than strangers. Although many resources guarders will guard from just about anybody who is around. family members are more likely to be around enough to come across the behavior. Sometimes the owner will identify that the issue is the dog’s control of or proximity to a certain resource, but other times will not know why the dog is being aggressive. It may even appear to a bewildered owner to be completely unpredictable. This is especially likely when there is a hidden combo, or when the resource or body part has simply not been recognized as being “hot”.

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