Host A Clinic

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Would you like to host a clinic?

Well Animal will come to your location and put on a dental clinic for a day.

Value added service to your clients: They already come to your store so it’s convenient for them.
Pets can have the opportunity to have their teeth cleaned more often. Dental disease is linked to heart, liver and kidney disease. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean helps them live longer.

We require a minimum of 6 dogs or cats  to hold a clinic.

We will send a of our veterinarian and 2 technicians for more than 10 dogs or cats.

We Also have a 1 tech 1 vet clinic with a minimum of 6 dogs or cats.

We do all the work while we are at your clinic.
We talk to the client, handle all the paperwork and take the money. You can sit back and enjoy the clinic.

If you have 15 or more dogs, we will do one of your pets for free.

We provide you with a flyer and sign-up sheet and advertise the clinic on our website.

You will make a % of the clinic.

For more details and to schedule your clinic date, please call our office @ 303-654-0560

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