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Well Animal Class Schedule for 2015
Classes are 5 Intensive Days

Spring 2015 Classes:                    April 27th – May 1st  OPEN  (FULL)

Summer 2015 Classes:                June 8th – June 12th OPEN (Accepting 4 Students Only)

Late -Summer 2015 Classes:     August 24th – August 28th OPEN (Accepting 4 Students Only)

Fall 2015 Classes:                  October 12th – October 16th OPEN (Accepting 4 Students Only)

It is up to each individual to check the laws in their State, Providence or Country regarding Anesthesia-Free teeth cleaning

Diploma/Certificate Programs:

Program A (Level I): 5 days Intensive Course Anesthesia-free Canine Dental Practitioner

Occupational Objective:                      The graduate should be able to non-anesthetic dental cleanings for dogs

Program B (Level I): 5 days Private      Receive 5 Intensive days of Private one on one instructions Course Anesthesia-free Canine Dental Practitioner

Occupational Objective:                      The graduate should be able to non-anesthetic dental cleanings for dogs

Program C (Level II): Advanced (Offered only to WAI graduates)

5 days Private, Intro to scaling cats, Difficult dogs how to get them to cooperate , Identifying oral diseases, Techniques for faster scaling, marketing your business , Nutrition in relation to oral health, Intro to flower essences, and Acupressure points.

The Well Animal Institute Classes

We are excited to offer classes in anesthesia-free teeth cleaning. Please feel free to look through our class catalog for details on what the institute offers at this time.


The Well Animal Institute Course outline

Day 1 : Short Demo on how to scale the dog’s teeth

Review of instruments and supplies

Brief review of your homework

Begin to scale your first dog

Day 2 – 5 : This is an all hands on class teaching hand scaling and restraining techniques. You will become proficient by doing a large number of dogs each day. This is a physically demanding class. In order to be able to pass at the end of the week you will be expected to do up to 20 dogs while you are here.

Each day we will point out to you things we see that you should be able to identify after doing the homework assignment.

Your success will depend on how much effort you put into practicing each day.

We do ask when making your reservations you complete the entire last day of class. If you leave on an evening flight at 7pm or later you should be able to stay for the full day.

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